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What is this? It’s the only slot system in existence that will actually work.You may have seen copy cat sellers of my system on ebay,but it does not work any more.My system has been updated to work on slot machines in 2009,not last year, or before. If you use a outdated system, you minds well use nothing! I have spent over 25 years working in casinos around the world. I know the secret that the casinos don’t want you to know about. It is a simple to use system that is broke down in 5 easy steps. The result is instant fast slot machine payouts! Jackpots are easy to hit! You will never play the odds again!

Important notice! As you may have noticed, casinos around the USA have changed the odds of the slots in there favor even more. They claim the economy has effected the volume of people spending money, and visiting the casinos. In return your odds of winning have been greatly reduced even more. With out this system in your favor, you are simply giving them your money, plain and simple as that people. I would never play a slot machine again if I did not have this system!

Jackpots are easy with this system! It's a "priceless" tool! System works with all standard slot machines as shown below. Will not work with video slots, no system will.

After you use this system, please email me to let me know how much you won! With a $20.00-$100.00 bankroll, you should come home with $1200 or more on average. 
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This is so easy to use & win with that I guarantee you will be hitting jackpots within 5 minutes of walking into the casino. I realize this sounds way to good to be true, but I personally prove this on a weekly basis. My customers do not lie either!



Why this system?


My system is simplified and very easy to use. My updated system is so easy a kid could use it! Look at a few reasons why you absolutely need this powerful system:


1. This is the only one that will actually work! "No other system will work with slot machines"


2. It's easy to read and understand. You can be using the system within a half hour of receiving it.


3. This is the only Item I sell "slot system”, I don't claim to know everything about the in's & out's of my system, and then sell other bogus systems such as "how to make your own gas"! Beware of those sellers, there just selling copies of information for the sole purpose of profit!


4. The system is available instantly the same day payment is received.


5. I will be here to answer any questions you may have via email.


6. You will never have to play the casinos "odds again"!!! Win Jackpots at your own leisure!!!




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I will tell you how to crack the slot machine code and empty slot machines every time you play! Very easy and guaranteed to make you Win big!

You'll never win against casinos unless you know my secret!

If you're like most people, you have lost a lot of money gambling. It's not just you. The odds and the machines are greatly stacked against you. People do randomly hit jackpots, but it's pure luck. Casinos are in business to make money and they make billions of dollars each year.

You can't beat the slots unless you know my secret. And it is a secret because if the casinos get wind of this flaw in their system, they will do all they can to stop it. And then we will all be shut off from this easy money!

You just won't believe how easy it is to beat the slot machines. It's incredible and it's not because of luck or good fortune. It's a technique that no one else has figured out. But I will tell you -- if you are interested!

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That's the beauty of making big money with slot machines. All you need is a roll of quarters or even nickels to play with, and you can walk out much richer each time you play.

And this method work on all your favorite slot machines ...

4 The 5 machines
4 The 25 machines
4 The 50 machines
4 The $1 machines
4 Double Diamonds
4 spin Till You win
4 Wheel of Fortune
4 The Super Joker
4 Jackpot Joker
4 Red, White & Blue
4 Wild Cherry
4 Stars & stripes
4 And many more!

You will know all the details you need to walk into any casino, to any of these machines with $20 dollars or less in your pocket, and easily win hundreds or thousands of dollars!

It's not hard at all! You can play at any casino in the world and my slot jackpot system method will make you money. You might make more legally emptying slot machines than your do working at your full time job!


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If you love to play slots, and think it's fun and exciting like I do -- wait until you start playing and Winning big handfuls of money when you play! Now that's exciting! You won't waste your money on slot machine 'Entertainment.' Instead you will be enjoying your favorite hobby and making money at the same time! Believe me, you will enjoy playing a lot more when you are a consistent winner!



    Q –Will I win every time I play using this system?

A- Your odds will be increased considerably, but I cannot guarantee you will walk away a winner. Anyone who does is not telling you the truth! 

Q - What slot machines does this system work best with?

A- I find that blazing 7's & wild cherries works best for me, although the system will work with all slot machines except video slots.

Q- Will this system work with the newest method of payment (ticket receipts)?

A- Yes

Q- Is the system easy to use?

A- Very easy system to use. 5 easy steps.

Q- If I have any questions will you be there to answer?

A- Absolutely! I will answer any questions you may have via email.

Q- If I give you good feedback will you give me the system for free?

A- Absolutely not! It would be against my morals, and against eBay’s policy.

Q- Will the system work great for me as it does for you?

A- Yes, follow the easy instructions and it will work great for anyone who uses it.

Q- What’s the difference between this system and the other ones I have seen or tried?

A- This one actually works!


AND why am I willing to share this secret with you?  To make money?  NO WAY..... First, I already have all the money and possessions I will ever need in this life..... Second, I am tired of seeing the poor and the disadvantaged being used and abused by the rich and powerful . . . . . Third, nothing satisfies me more than sharing my secret with those who realize a golden opportunity, when it knocks, and get on it real quick. Imagine you and I playing against the house and milking this cash cow.  Where’s the competition? We never compete with each other, , , , we compete with the Casinos.  As we work together, and compare notes, we both win.


"By using the "simple straight forward methods, you will gain that ultimate edge that every gambler prays for but never finds. This is unlike anything in recorded history and this is the world’s oldest profession.


This carefully prepared "MANUAL" reveals all those dirty low-down secrets... it shows how to use Shameless Strategies to rapidly build up your real wealth - safely, when you want, in the shortest time possible!


Keep in mind that: 



1.You will deposit funds using procedures that give you "100% protection" should a Casino ever decide to unfairly keep your money. This one rule alone allows you to play any casino anywhere in the world with no fear of ever being defrauded


2.This strategy is really perfect for those who don't want to risk much money. Start out with a couple hundred dollars and rapidly build your bankroll from your winnings. The whole strategy is based on "quick-win" principles. This means you won't have to play very long to lock up a win. In fact, this is the safest way to make money.


This system is great for beginners as well as pros. Following the easy and very powerful step-by-step methods, you will learn exactly ’How to Beat SLOTS AT ANY Casinos’.


These strategies are so consistent that you are always favored to win when you use them.


You can do this no matter where you live. You can live in a big city. You can live in a small town. You can live in a rural area. You can do this while you travel.


Let me show some of the advantages of this “play and win” Manual. . .





It’s a complete and precious collection of everything you need to know to start making a large amount of money at any casinos slot machine  instantly and easily. . . . . . . .


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